Miley Cyrus Releases New EP, “She Is Coming”

The best moment after waiting for new Miley music to come out is when it’s finally released and it’s better than you expected. I’ve loved Miley for years and her journey makes me love her even more. In some weird way, I’ve always felt a little Miley in myself and this EP is everything. I love every single song, they’re all very liberating, powerful, and all form a representation of who Miley was and is now.

I’ve been listening to her new music all weekend and keep saying I have a favorite song but every time I listen to the next one I switch and say that’s my new favorite because they’re all SO GOOD!

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 1.26.16 AM

Mother’s Daughter and Unholy are my top two favorites because both make me feel the greatness of being independent and the girl power within me. They’re also very Rock n’ Roll which are my favorite type of songs. Miley has always portrayed herself as a strong independent woman and has never kept quiet about her beliefs or her opinions, which is admirable and motivating just like these two songs. However, while both have similar meanings they’re represented in different ways, as one is more broad and universal while the other one is bold and more descriptive.

Don’t get me started with Party Up The Street. Just when listening to the first seconds of this song I knew I already loved it. It’s so mellow and makes me want to dance every time. I already see myself jamming to this one everywhere, it just puts you in a good mood, you know? It’s that type of song you start nodding your head to or start moving your shoulders with the first seconds of listening to it.

D.R.E.A.M. and The Most, in my opinion, are the dreamy songs in the EP. They’re obviously very different but have that dreamy sound. D.R.E.A.M. features Ghostface Killah which gives the song a little twist towards the end. Plus, a short video was released along with the song which has the same feel of this EP. The black and white video, giving it the classic vibe together with a Rock n’ Roll and grunge pop attitude.

The Most is the romantic love song in the EP. I’m sure I’m not the only one who assumes this song was written for her hubby. The lyrics are very sweet and sincere, and I just love the melody of this track. There’s always that slow sweet song we all need in an album and this is it for this EP.

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 1.28.39 AM

Leaving the most fun for last, we can’t forget about her song with RuPaul, Cattitude, which I’m sure all my friends will be jamming to. This song portrays another fun side of Miley. Another song about embracing female empowerment and just being who you are, the song everyone will want to dance and sing along to. 

All and all, Miley’s first EP of the She Is: Miley Cyrus trilogy is just what I needed, it’s so good. The second (She Is Here) and last part (She Is Everything) of this trilogy is supposed to be released before the end of this year. No questions asked Miley has become an icon for many; is she the new Britney or Madonna? You can’t really compare, but she’s definitely something special. Can’t wait to listen to her other songs, I’m sure they’ll be as good or even better than She Is Coming.