Evelia Isabel, also known as ChabeChrod, has always had a passion for music. Evelia is originally from Monterrey, Mexico but was raised in Texas. She started this music blog back in 2013 as a fun way to share her music interests; including music she’s always loved, but also upcoming artists’ music. Fast forward a few years later, Evelia now lives in Los Angeles where she hopes to pursue her dreams within the entertainment industry, continue growing her blog, and try to experience as much as she can throughout this journey.

When she’s not working or writing on her blog, Evelia works as a digital marketing search/social manager for retail and entertainment clients. She’s also getting more involved in video editing, which is something she’s always enjoyed. Her goal for this blog is for people to visit and find new music they love and to continue expanding her music interests as well as others’.

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  • CHABE is a nickname for women named Isabel
  • CHROD are both of Evelia’s last names put together.
  • And there you have it, the meaning behind ChabeChrod