RUUMER Releases Fun New Music Video “Downtown”


I’m excited to share with you this new music video from sister duo, RUUMER of their latest single “Downtown”. One of the reasons I like this song is due to its double meaning. RUUMER’s music has always rooted and supported empowering women and their own sexuality, which I am all in for. This song specifically together with its music video speaks to women all over the world in a fun eclectic way, where sister duo from New York City use the word “Downtown” as a playful sexual whisper where it references their love of downtown NYC while also referencing going “downtown”.

Listening to this song while watching the fun video brought me back memories of going out with my group of girlfriends back in the day. It’s always exciting when you have a girls night out and that special bond with your closest friends, similar to Sex and the City which is one of my ultimate favorite tv-series. I definitely have some Carrie Bradshaw in me. However, I also love RUUMER’s story because it reminds me of my past as well.


Melis and Jess (RUUMER) started using music as their outlet to escape the constraints they had when attending Catholic school and living a suburban life. Their music is not only an escape but a way for them to empower women all over the world and their bad-ass selves. Including the duo’s name itself, coming from the name “Rumer” which means gypsy.  “We have always identified with being gypsies so the name felt really authentic to us and to the music. We added another “U” for the two of us and we came up with the name RUUMER,” says RUUMER.  

“The Downtown music video is a homage to NYC, the city where we came into our own and found ourselves as artists and as women. We worked with director MK Schneider, who we also worked with on the video for our last single “Gimme Some”. We wanted this video to be super intimate and authentic. We had one rule while filming this visual and that was to make sure we captured spontaneous, real moments. As much as the visual is a homage to NYC, it’s also such a genuine look into our relationship as sisters and as best friends,” RUUMER explains. 

Make sure you check out the music video up top.