Interview: Vök Brings Their Iceland Pop-Electro Sound to the US

It had been awhile since I had listened to a new band that I really enjoyed, more specifically in the pop-electro music world. When I first heard Vök’s most recent single, I immediately knew I would love all of their other songs. Vök is definitely someone you should keep your eyes on.  They’re a dream-pop/electro band from Iceland that have a similar vibe as The XX.

I got to see them perform at School Night a couple of weeks ago and they were definitely one of my favorites that night. Margret’s vocals are just to die for – I love her voice! I got the opportunity to ask Vök a couple of questions about their music, their US tour and about their favorite moments when performing live. Check it out!

How did you guys decide what type of music you wanted to make? And how did you come up on your band’s name, Vök? Is there a meaning behind it?
Me(Margret) and Andri we loved hanging out listening to loads of old and new music like Portishead, the XX, Massive Attack, Metric and many more. We started playing around making some beats and we kinda knew what sound we were aiming for. Vök was something straight out of the blue, there was no meaning behind the name in a way. It was beautiful, sounded interesting and looked good on paper. I had never heard that word before and instantly fell in love with it and luckily it contrasted well with our music. It was an instant fit. Vök means a whole in the ice or a whole in the clouds.

Do you think your music is different now compared to when you first started?
We’re always evolving our sound to thrive as musicians and to keep things more interesting. But you can always hear the core sound i would like to think, that dreamy synthy sound with airy vocals.

Who are your music idols? And who are you listening to when you’re not working on your own music?
They are so many!! I think i have each one in each genre. I have always loved Moby for his creative sampling skills and ofc great electro beats and doing that in the 90’s WOWH! Beth Gibbons for her stunning vocals in Portishead and Portishead is just a mindblowing project on its own. I adore The Weeknd , his way of songwriting and vocal performance. I’m a sucker for sexy music. I listen to loads of 30s-40s music.  That’s way out of my creative zone so it puts my mind at ease, so does Moonchild and Zero 7. Absolutely LOVE them! It’s like floating on a pink cloud while the music musaces your ears.

Vök_new2_photo by Sigga Ella.jpg
What are you guys looking forward to during this tour? And what has been your favorite memory so far from this US tour?
Personally I had never been to any of those places as in New York, Portland, Seattle and LA i had only been to Florida. So i was extremely excited for this tour. Playing at the Kexp studio was probably my favorite part of the tour. Stunning live room and such a welcoming crew. It had always been a dream of ours to play there and in the US in general so mission accomplished!

What can fans expect when going to one of your live performances?
Powerful, sensual and dancy.

What are some highlights of yours when performing live?
I will never forget Colours of Ostrava festival in the Czech Republic in 2015. We had only played couple of times abroad and had no expectations. We probably played in front of 5000 people. It was so hot there and we were sweaty as hell and it was so hard keeping my eyes open because of the salty sweat. But the crowd was sensational and this is where I knew I could never stop doing this.

How does your night look after a concert? What’s usually your go-to after a show?
We usually like to hang around after the show talking to people, sometimes enjoy a glass of vine and ground yourself or just pack your stuff and go on a date with your water bottle/food and game over at the hotel. Food missions are very popular go-to after a show haha.

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