RÜFÜS DU SOL Release Their Most Romantic Album, “Solace”

I’ve been listening to Rüfüs Du Sol since their first album, “Atlas “ and with each new release they keep getting better and better. It’s always an exciting experience playing one of their songs for the first time because they never disappoint. However, their newest album, “Solace”, I think might be their most romantic album just yet. Their songs have always told some sort of love story, but this album definitely takes the win.

The first track in the album, “Treat You Better”, has such a beautiful electric melody. I love it! This is one of my favorites from the album because I think it shows a different side of Rüfüs Du Sol while still keeping their Rüfüs sound. The lyrics are so honest it gives me the chills. My favorite lyric of the song is I know that the words don’t change it, I know your heart keeps aching, I just want to treat you better. It’s just so real.

However, “No Place”, which was one of the singles they released prior to the album, has a dark tone to it and strong emotional lyrics. One of my favorite things about this song, aside from its lyrics of course, is the drop. Rüfüs Du Sol’s songs always have this sort of pattern where there’s a focus on the vocals that lead you to some sort of cool drop that then introduces another side of the song. I really think “No Place” is one of the few songs in this album that resembles what they’ve released in the past.

And always saving the best for last, my ultimate favorite song from this album is “All I’ve Got”. I had this song on repeat for more than an hour. As I was listening to the album once it got released, this was the song that caught my attention and adored the second I listened to it. Ahh it’s just so good! I love everything about it: the lyrics, the melody, the tone, everything! I always tend to have my favorite song from each of their albums and “All I’ve Got” wins for “Solace”.

If you haven’t listened to their newest album, definitely take a listen. I’ll be going to one of their LA concerts in November and after listening to this album, I can’t wait!