Zayn’s New Single will Rock Your Summer

I don’t generally listen to Zayn, but my best friend who loves his music figured I would like his latest single, “Sour Diesel”, and he was right. Although many criticized the song because he compares women to weed and for it simply being a bad song, I have to disagree and say that this is my favorite Zayn song as of today.

Those who know me, know that I love rock music. In fact, if I had to choose a genre, rock would probably be it. This being one of the reasons why I like Zayn’s new single, because it has a rock vibe to it especially with the electric guitar at the end. This track also reminded me of Songs About Jane by Maroon 5 (one of my favorite albums) more specifically one of my favorite songs, “The Sun”.

I’ve always loved simple songs, the ones that tend to be very repetitive but also have a lot of instrumentals in the background. In this song you can listen to a lot of electric guitar which I like. I die for music like this, I find it very sexy. That being said, I’ll be jamming to Zayn’s new single this summer and I’m hoping he releases more songs like this in a near future.