DD Walker Releases First Single, ‘Malibu’

Even though we’re halfway through summer, there’s no such thing as too many summer jams. Alex Marans (former bass player of Atlas Genius) is working on a new project known as DD Walker and recently released his first single ‘Malibu’, which is a very cool beachy indie track. However aside from beachy it’s also a very New York City indie type of song, so if you’re into that, then you’ll want to listen to this.

“This was the first song where I felt that I’d found the palette of sound and the lyrical themes that I wanted to pursue in the form of DD Walker”  

‘Malibu’ gives you that sense of relaxation; the beachy vibes everyone loves feeling during summer. The first time I listened to it, I seriously thought about getting in my car and driving to Malibu or any other beach – driving and leaving my problems behind. Yes, it’s that kind of song. I knew I liked it with only the first 10 seconds of it; being that the guitar is my favorite instrument, I die for simple guitar playing which then build up to this whole new scenery.

Not only do I love DD Walker’s first single, but it also kind of reminds me a little bit of DIIV, which I think also falls into that same New York City indie scene, still they’re both different in their unique ways. As DD Waker continues to work on his upcoming EP, this song will definitely give you a feel of what’s yet to come as he releases new music. ‘Malibu’ is available on all digital platforms and you can also find it on Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Six Strings playlist, so be sure to give it a listen and if you’re in NYC this weekend, you can catch DD Walker at Elsewhere this Saturday August, 11th – it should be a fun night!