Celebrating Freedom Fry’s New Album “Classic” on a School Night

So guys, I have great news for you, Freedom Fry might be your new favorite indie-pop-folk-alt band! When I first listened to their music, my first thoughts were – beautiful vocals. Their music makes me feel happy, relaxed, and overall optimisic everytime I listen to it. Freedom Fry’s songs are so pleasing and soothing to the ear and the best part is that they’re also amazing performers. One of the things I enjoy the most when going to listen to live music is seeing artists show their emotions through their music as they perform, which is exactly what Freedom Fry did this past Monday. It always gives me goose bumps!

2018-06-06 12:15:50.384.JPG

After listening to their single Classic a couple of months ago, I got the opportunity to join them at their album listening party last week and then their record release party at School Night here in LA. Even though I already liked their music when I first listened to it, I liked it even more after seeing one of their new music videos as well as their live performance. I had a totally different experience and it definitely got me more intrigued. Freedom Fry is a band I’d recommend going to see and please go listen to their new album, Classic, which is out now! I promise you won’t regret it.


This Monday School Night was packed and Freedom Fry did not disappoint. They actually did the contrary, surprising the audience with a mariachi band as they performed their last song, Classic, making the experience a lot more memorable and exciting. Who doesn’t like mariachi’s?! I love when artists add something unique to their live performances and this was definitely a surprise for everyone. So if you’re looking for new music go check Freedom Fry and let me know what you think!


Here’s Freedom Fry’s cool album trailer. If you’re curious on what their album sounds like this trailer is great – you’ll get a good little chunk of every song. However, if you want to go all in, click here to go listen to the entire album – hope you enjoy!