Friday Night with Yotto

I was very mad at myself when I missed Yotto in Dallas about a year ago, which was one of the reasons why I was even more excited to see him in LA this past Friday. I also had a couple of friends visiting for Memorial Day weekend, so not only did I get to enjoy Yotto’s set, but also my friends’ company, who in fact loved his music as well.08B44022-1682-47C7-999A-19E598643C07.JPG

Yotto played from start to finish that night and although I didn’t arrive to Sound that early, I was not surprised it was packed by 11PM, which is around the time I got there. The crowd was having a blast and by the looks of it, I wasn’t the only fan there that night. There were numerous people with flags and posters, which I hadn’t really seen before at a show like this. People were dancing, having fun, and couldn’t get enough of Yotto. There were several times when people asked for his autograph during his set and he was kind enough to pose for photos and sign whatever was put in front of him.

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This was also the first time I had seen Sound this packed; people were really into his set. Yotto played a little bit of everything, from tropical to deep house, and I was also looking forward to dancing to my favorite Yotto track, Slowly, which he played right after we walked in (talk about good timing). The atmosphere was amazing that night and I’m sure everyone had a good time. There was even another DJ set going on outside in the smoking area, which made the whole experience even better. If Yotto comes back to LA, I won’t think twice about going to his show, and I’ll be sure to arrive extra early this time.

If you haven’t checked out Yotto’s music, here’s one of my favorite recent videos of him playing at DJ Mag’s pool party in Miami – Hello summer!