My Favorite Tracks from Brittany Campbell’s Newest Album, “Stay Gold”

For those who are on the hunt for new music, I was recently introduced to singer-songwriter-actor-animator, Brittany Campbell who just released her new album “Stay Gold”. Campbell seems to like doing a little bit of everything being that she’s part of the cast of Hamilton in Chicago and you can also find her on Spike Lee’s Netflix remake of She’s Gotta Have It. Did I mentioned she’s also a self-taught animator? You can see her animating skills in her music video for “Buzz” and in super model Shaun Ross’ music video “Symmetry”.

One of the things that caught my attention from her new album was its name. I have a small tattoo that reads Stay Gold (my first tatt at 18!) and I’m a strong believer of its meaning: a reminder to never forget your youth and everything that comes along with it; always be true to yourself and follow yours dreams. Campbell is a dreamer and I love supporting all those dreamers out there just like me! If you’re looking for new contemporary R&B music, now you have 14 new tracks to listen to and I’d like to share my top 2 with you guys:

#1: “Late” – I really like this song’s melody and love the chorus (it’s very catchy!). It’s a very soulful song with strong lyrics that describe the end of a relationship. This is definiely my favorite one from the entire album.

#2: “Alright” – When this song started playing my first thoughts were that it had a Michael Jackson feel to it (who doesn’t love MJ?!). This is a definitely a song you would want to dance to. I pictured myself at a Beauty Bar dancing to this song with my friends.

Be sure to check out Brittany Campbell’s full album. Also, find her music video for “Buzz” below, which is also included in “Stay Gold”. Aren’t the animations so cool?