Jesse Jo Stark Releases “Fire Of Love” Music Video

I’ve been following Jesse Jo Stark for quite a while now. I love her unique sense of style: dark and grungy yet very sexy. I also think her music is so different from anything else I’ve heard. You know you’re listening to a Jesse Jo Stark song just by listening to a few seconds of it, which I think is very important for an artist and also something that makes her stand out from all other artists out there. It’s indie, bluesy, jazzy, smooth to the ear but it still has some rock to it. In my opinion, her music describes the type of person she is and portrays her style very well. She’s definitely a rock star!

When I moved to LA 9 months ago, she had a Monday night residency at The Echo which I had never been to. I had just moved into my apartment and I didn’t really know anyone here, but I knew I couldn’t miss her performance. It’s probably one of my favorite shows I’ve experienced here so far. I’ve also always enjoyed intimate shows, which hers certainly was. There’s just something about her that makes you want to see more and keep listening.

Jesse Jo Stark is currently working on a project that will be released in September, but she showed a sneak peek of her most recent song, “Fire Of Love” which she released the music video for today. The music video is very dark, very Jesse Jo Stark I would say, and it takes place in a movie theatre in LA. If you didn’t think Stark was sexy before, you’ll definitely think she is after watching this new video where she performs in a sexy outfit “taunting the dangers of love (here taking the shape of The Skeleton Man)” as she told The Fader magazine. Make sure to check out her music and don’t forget to watch her new music video!