Rumor Has It…There Ain’t No Party Like a Guy Gerber Rumors Party

I’ve been a big Guy Gerber fan for a couple of years now, so I was very excited to finally experience Rumors, especially because I had heard so many good things about it. Also, the idea of celebrating Cinco de Mayo in a totally different environment from the typical tacos and margs made it even more exciting. Who wouldn’t want to have a unique Cinco experience dancing to amazing music in Los Angeles’ Chinatown?!

I arrived at around 7:30PM which I’m not sure was a good idea since I waited in line for a little more than half an hour to go in. However, it did give me time to admire Chinatown and take some cool photos. It was my first time in Gin Ling Way, so everything was new to me which made the experience even more fulfilling. I also loved seeing people’s outfits as they walked by.

2018-05-05 19_59_57.089

Once I got in, the first thing I did was order myself a yummy margarita just to say I had one for Cinco de Mayo (even though us Mexicans don’t really celebrate this as much as everyone else). After I got my drink I made my way through the crowd to find my friends closer to the front. They had experienced Rumors last year, so they already had an idea of what to expect. I on the other hand, was thrilled to go on this new adventure with them. Couldn’t have asked for a better squad for this!

It started to get a little bit more crowded closer to 9PM, when DJ Harvey was finishing his set and everyone prepped to dance to some Guy Gerber tunes. The people, the decor, the music, the whole thing was amazing. It’s definitely one for the books! I had such a good time and got to meet incredible people that night. I actually think I still might have some confetti from that night inside my purse which I should probably clean up at some point.

2018-05-05 22_14_32.614

All in all, Rumors was great and it exceeded my expectations. I had so much fun that I felt the event lasted only two hours. Good thing that there was an after which took place at Union LA with performances from Guy Gerber himself accompanied by LCD Soundsystem (Yes, I know. So good!). Even though Rumors itself felt like it flew by, my friends and I ended up dancing up until 4AM at Union.I’m still not sure how I survived. I’m really hoping there will be another Rumors event next year, and if there is I would totally recommend it to everyone!