Discover Whitney Fenimore as She Talks New Music After The Voice

The Voice is my favorite music competition. I’ve been watching it ever since it first started and I still get goosebumps as I see artists fulfill their dreams. Whitney Fenimore, who was on team Adam last season, recently performed her new single, “Find Your Love” at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on March 23rd. I was really looking forward to attending, but unfortunately missed it. Still, I got to ask Fenimore a couple of questions regarding her recent show, her experience at The Voice, and her upcoming EP. Hope you enjoy!

I’m really bummed I missed your performance at Hotel Cafe. I was really looking forward to it. How did the show go? Did it meet your expectations?

No worries! The show went really well!! So good to play in LA again. It totally met my expectations!

I also saw you had a couple of shows at SXSW. Was this your first SXSW? Any highlights you’d like to share?

SXSW was super fun! Was a really big, busy week, but so much fun playing for a totally new crowd!

The Voice is one of my favorite shows and I was very excited when Adam picked you as his comeback artist. What was your experience like at The Voice?            

My experience was incredible on The Voice! I couldn’t believe my life when I was on that show. Adam was the most amazing dude ever and I feel like I learned so much about myself and my music while I was there. Totally life changing experience.

You’re one of the most unique artists I follow in terms of genre. I love how you blend alt-country, rock, pop and folk all into one song + your voice is so soothing. How did you decide what type of music you wanted to do? Who are your influences?

WOW! Thank you so much! I feel like I never really decided necessarily what style I wanted to be, it’s just what comes out of me. I had a ton of influences growing up and still do now. Everything from Chicago, Fleetwood Mac , The Carpenters, to Kings of Leon.

Your new single “Find Your Love”, is amazing. Can you tell me a little bit more about the creation of this song? You say this is the most ‘you’ song you’ve written, how so?

Thank you!! It was a song about really coming to my own and chasing after love in the midst of pain. I feel like it could mean a lot for different people so I don’t wanna say what it exactly means for me. I like when there’s room for people to get something different from a song than I do.

Your new single will also be part of your upcoming EP which will be released this summer. Will the other songs in your EP be similar to your single?   

Each song is honestly kinda different sonically and I love that. They will still all flow together nicely, but I think it’ll be a nice little journey for the listener.

Any other details you’d like to share about your new music?

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One of my favorite performances of Whitney Fenimore at The Voice