Discover Northern National’s Two New Songs

Living in LA has been great so far, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss the beautiful city of Dallas. Dallas gave me so many good memories that it’s hard not to think of it, especially when it comes to all of the shows I got to experience over there.  Sometimes I like listening to songs that remind me of the city, especially from one of my favorite Dallas based bands, Northern National. I still remember the first time I listened to these guys, they opened for Atlas Genius almost a year ago at the House of Blues Dallas and they were kind enough to give me a press pass to take pictures during their performance — it was such a fun night.

For those who don’t know Northern National, they’re an alternative band and they’ve released two new singles this year: ”Now You Know” and “Slow Down”. One of my go-to songs from them is “Dallas” just because this city is so special to me, but I’d like talk a little more about their new released music and why you should listen to it.


“Now You Know” is probably my favorite out of the two because it’s a very real song. I’m sure several people have been in that situation of being in a relationship where you’re unsure if you’re doing the right thing, until you’re not specially when it comes to running away. There’s times when couples have to make hard decisions that can result to a bad outcome — the end of a relationship. There’s other times where one can’t miss out of a good opportunity even if it means moving to another city and leaving their other half behind, which might not always be the right choice. This is what this song reminds me of and the aftermath of making a difficult decision that ends up hurting your partner and ruining the relationship you had. A song can mean different things to different people, depending on their life experiences.

“Now You Know is about thinking you had something with someone, something special and without notice they backed out on you, gave up on what you had. The song is kind of a vow to that person that you’re going to be fine, if not better without them. We all need that confidence to move on, not to get caught up in the hurt and instead of sulking in it, you make yourself better.”

– Northern National

I like “Slow Down” for both its lyrics and its melody. It’s a very calming and chill song that I’d probably listen to on a road trip or on a rainy day. I also enjoy the chorus and the message of the song that speaks to persistence and not giving up on yourself. Growing as a person is always a good thing and this song mainly speaks about realizing the bad things you’ve done and making that decision that things need to change for the better.

Slow Down talks about the realization of the liar we all become and using that realization to not apologize, but change. We lie to ourselves in fear of the honesty of admitting to our wrongs, our mistakes, and the lies are easier.”
– Michael Rossi (lead singer of NN)

All and all, Northern National is a pretty cool Dallas band and I can’t wait for them to release new music. I love that there’s such great music coming out of Dallas, a city that taught me so many things and a city I’ll always care for. Northern National will be performing in Deep Ellum on April 19th, so if you’re in Dallas or know people in Dallas you can purchase your tickets by clicking the image below.

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