Interview: Conscious Pop Singer, Renae, Talks About Combining Music & Spirituality

Of all the music that’s out in the world, this is probably the first time I’ve listened to a new genre like conscious pop. Renae, who has been working on this genre, keeps dedicating herself and her music to inspire others and to help them find harmony in them and in the world. This also comes back to the meaning of her name, RENAE, which means “reborn”. I got the opportunity to learn more about this genre and her musical journey, goals, and upcoming projects:

I love the idea of making music with such a positive goal of healing, growing and helping others. At what moment in your life did you decide you wanted to make your own music?

Thank you! Well I’ve been writing music for other artists, TV, film, etc for a long time. I came to a point about two years ago when I started feeling like there was something else inside of me that wanted to be expressed that I wasn’t expressing yet. I was feeling super anxious all the time and not myself, so I started to do some inner exploration through reading books, meditation, yoga, dance, etc.

Through it all, I realized I’ve always felt a deep calling to be helping humanity in some way…helping people evolve into their authentic selves and experience more peace and harmony in their lives. So I started creating a vision and music to reflect that calling, and that’s how RENAE came to be!

What inspires you when writing and creating your songs?

I mostly am writing about my own personal growth. These last two years I feel like I’ve been going through a consciousness shift, from my head to my heart. That might sound cliche, but it’s been a really profound shift to start living life from my body, soul, and heart, compared to my head. So that’s really what all of my songs are about, is that transition. I try to capture in the songs what it feels like through the sounds, instruments, lyrics, and emotions so others can really feel it in themselves too!

Are there any artists that you look up to or that inspire you to create new music?

Michael Jackson! He’s my biggest inspiration right now. Sometimes I listen to Jackson 5 too. There’s just something about Michael’s voice, dancing, and message that’s so pure and incredible. For times that I’m really stressed out, I like to listen to Enya. Her music is so soothing, it feels like a big warm hug of vibrations!


Being that you also work with other artists and their music – How is this different from your own music? Do you have the same goals when helping others?

It really depends what the project is. If I’m writing with another artist for their project, the focus usually changes to expressing their stories instead of mine. In that scenario I try to just act as a channel to help express what they’re feeling.

You’ve mentioned you want to create many albums, tour the world and give love to as many people as possible — what’s your plan? will you be touring soon? What can people expect from your shows and upcoming music?

As for upcoming music, right now we’re releasing songs from our first album, Align. It’s a 7-song concept album, based on the 7 chakras. Each song reflects the meaning and feeling of the chakras, lyrically and sonically. As for future albums, I have a few other spiritual concept album ideas rolling around in my head that we’ll be creating soon.

As for touring, we’re just now creating our live show for the Align album! No tour scheduled at the moment, but we will start with events, shows, and festivals very soon! People can expect to come to an “experience” more than a “show.” It’s sort of a mixture of a pop concert and a meditation group. We’re designing it for people to have fun, reflect, and connect with their true selves all at the same time.

List your top 5 favorite things when creating music 

  1. The feeling of creating magic with my friends
  2. Hearing melodies appear out of nowhere in my head
  3. Being able to express stories through emotion and sounds
  4. Singing the song, I LOVE the feeling of singing
  5. Listening back to the song when it’s finished!


What are other goals you would like to achieve in your musical journey?

Our main goal is to be able to do this artist project for a very long time! Like I said before —  to create many albums, tour the world, and give love to as many people as possible! I think the world is craving more unity and healing right now, so simply being there with art, love, and support for whoever needs it is our main long term goal!

For more info on Renae and her music make sure to visit her site: