Interview: Beware of Darkness

It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to a new rock band that has got me pumped with its music. Beware of Darkness, an LA-based rock band, that just released their new album, “Are You Real?,” is sure to be your new favorite go-to band. They’re currently on tour with The Struts, promoting their new music and will be playing in Dallas tonight at Trees in Deep Ellum.

I got the opportunity to talk to lead vocalist and guitarist, Kyle Nicolaides, and learn more about their music and what inspires him and the band to do what they love. He related his personal experiences throughout the group’s musical journey, his interests, his hobbies, among other topics.

Beware of Darkness has played a couple of times in Dallas. It’s exciting to have them back and playing at one of the best venues in town. “We love Dallas. We’ve played in Dallas four times. I can move here in a heartbeat, to be honest with you. We always go to Angry Dogs; it’s one of our favorite spots to come on tour. We haven’t come to Dallas and not gone there,” says Nicolaides.

We also talked about their new tour and some of the things he likes to do on the road. Since being on tour is probably a huge life experience I wanted to know more about how the band managed as well as their favorite memories.

“The tour is going terrific; it’s the most fun we’ve had on tour. We’ve been doing it enough that we finally have a grasp on it, and we’re all on the same page about everything. I’m a runner, so every city I get to, I just put my running shoes and explore the city. When we were in Europe I got to do that every day, just running in Florence, etc. Those have been the best memories I’ve ever had.”

Although the tour takes up much of his time, Nicolaides finds time for himself and enjoys playing video games. “This will sound super dorky, but I just bought a Nintendo 3DS the Game Boy thing, so I’m just revisiting all the games, like Zelda. I like reading too, but nah, video games.” 

After this tour, Nicolaides plans to continue writing songs in hopes of finishing the next album. When questioned about who inspired him to start making music, Nicolaides mentioned, a few of his idols including, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, and The White Stripes to new a few. 

Beware of Darkness’ musical journey has been very enlightening. They’ve been on it for quite some time now and the band’s music just keeps getting better and better. Their most recent lead singles “Dope” and “Muthafucka” are incredibly good. 

“In a nutshell it’s my life, you’re putting everything towards it, it’s been the most important thing of my 20s. I know that when I was younger I think my heart was pretty closed to people and I think one of the greatest things about touring is that’s it’s made me open my heart to people and it’s made me love people and appreciate people and have so much empathy. The best part about touring is that you find yourself in situations you’d never thought you would been in. You know, the thing about music and putting out records, it’s a service, we have the potential to help people with our concerts and help people with our music, so touring puts you face to face with those people. I’m happy now that I’m getting older and that I can give back to the next generation because I was fortunate enough to have people help me and give me their time. So, the fact that I’m able to start doing that now, it’s really fulfilling and it makes me really happy. Doing music and putting out music it’s been a really interesting path and it’s been really unconventional but I wouldn’t change what I got for the world.”

If you haven’t listened to these guys, you better get on it. Don’t miss Beware of Darkness tonight at Trees.

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