An Eclectic Performance by Beware of Darkness at Trees in Dallas

This past weekend was not only exhausting, fun, and entertaining, but it was so busy that I had to post this review a little later than expected. As mentioned in the interview with Beware of Darkness’ lead vocalist and guitarist, Kyle Nicolaides, the band is currently touring with The Struts promoting their new album, “Are You Real?”. The band formed by Kyle Nicolaides (Lead Vocalist and Guitarist), Daniel Curcio (Bassist), and Tony Cupito (Drummer) gave a great performance this past Saturday, October 8th in Dallas’ Deep Ellum area. It was pretty dope (pun intended). 

It was also exciting to see such diversity in the crowd that night. People I’d never expect to see at a rock concert were patiently waiting for the show to begin, spreading great vibes all around. The concert, as many others, didn’t quite start on time, which got the crowd more pumped about the night. These people were ready to listen to good music.P1030068.jpg

Beware of Darkness started their set with one of their newest lead singles, “Muthafucka”. Those who were not as familiar with their music, listened and watched the band closely as Nicolaides, Curcio, and Cupito took the night away with their amazing enthusiasm on stage. It didn’t take long for everyone to let loose and dance along with them.

Plus, huge wins for the ladies because Nicolaides sure has a way with his audience. Everyone was more than ready for him to take his shirt off… and he kind of did. This might have been one of the highlights of the night, more specifically because he decided to unbutton his shirt while performing another new lead single, “Dope” (one of my favorites).

Beware of Darkness not only gave a fun and amazing show, but surely grew their following by the end of the night. I know I heard many people talking about their set after it had ended. So, if you happen to hear they’re coming to your city, don’t hesitate to buy your ticket. I would most definitely go see them perform again, no questions asked. 

Things got heated that night, see for yourself:

Photo & Video Credits: Miguel Correa