Nora en Pure Killed it at RBC

For someone who’s not very picky when it comes to music, Nora en Pure’s vibe can be liked by all types of music lovers, at least that’s what I think. There’s always people who like to stay in there music bubble and are decisive they’re not into “that type” of music. I’ve been guilty of that in the past and I learned it’s not about limiting yourself, but trying different things before completely shutting the door on something.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because this reminds me of the first time I listened to Nora en Pure’s Soundcloud stream; I immediately loved her music. It was a fun and dancy mix that completely changed my mood from sleepy to excited. It seriously sparked my night.I was so into her sound that I sent her tracks to a couple of friends who enjoyed them as well.

Nora en Pure, who’s known for her deep and tech house sound, can get the crowd going when playing live. I got to witness this, this past Friday at RBC which is located in the Dallas Deep Ellum area. A variety of people were there, which is nice to find at a show. I say this because you typically find ravers at a techno or electronic show or country lovers at a country concert, but with Nora en Pure you’ll find everyone. I think having different personalities at your show makes it a more entertaining and fun experience. 

It was my first time attending one of her live shows and at that venue. Plus, I’m all for venues that have outdoor areas, specially if you can still see the show while being outside. At RBC you can enjoy the show while having a cigarette with your friends (of course this is more for the tobacco smokers) or you can head up to the rooftop if you need a break. 

Overall it was a fun night with a fun environment. I think Nora en Pure killed her set and I’m sure everyone who was there would agree with me. I’ll definitely go see her again when she comes back to Dallas.