What We Know About Sky Ferreira’s Upcoming Album, ‘Masochism’

It’s been a blurry ride without having actual knowledge of Sky Ferreira’s plans in regards to her upcoming album, “Masochism”. It’s also been a while since her last album release, and I know I’m not alone when I say that Ferreira fans are eager to know more about cs9pqjyweaawh7wwhat’s coming next. Good news is that we finally have more details on the visuals of Masochism.

Sky Ferreira recently shared the first visual introduction to her new album, which involves Playboy magazine. She will appear on two Playboy covers for its October Renegades issue, which features both males and females who broke the rules and changed society.

She also mentioned on her Instagram that she’s the first bunny ever to be a crearive collaborator and creative/art direct. “I produced and directed all of the content. It is the first introduction to Masochism (visually).”

The photos were taken by her best friend and photographer, Sandy Kim and as told by Ferreira, these pictures were not edited nor retouched, which makes this introduction very raw and honest. I’m very excited to see what else she comes up with and can’t wait to cs9ol22waae0a7slisten to this new album.

A video to Masochism’s visual introduction with Playboy has also been released. You can tell this new album will be darker than the previous one just by looking at everything Ferreira has shared.

If you haven’t read Playboy’s article nor seen the video, you can find it here.