RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Most Recent Album, Bloom, Is to Die For

I might be a little late on this post and it has been quite a while since I published something, but how can I not be obsessed with RÜFÜS DU SOL’s most recent album? It still annoys me that every time they announce a new tour, they never plan on playing in Texas. I mean, I honestly don’t mind making a special trip to New York to see them in November, but it would definitely be easier if I saw them here (and cheaper).


Also, it’s not always that I like all the songs on an album, more specifically in the dance house genre, but BLOOM is out of this world. I’ve been listening to it nonstop for weeks and love it more every time. These Australians know what they’re doing and they’ll keep getting bigger as they bring out more music.

I’ve recommended their album to many friends of mine and they always ask me for my favorite tunes from BLOOM. It’s always a struggle. I literally love every single song and consider all of them my favorites. The melody, the lyrics, the voice, it’s everything, and wait to you see them live! 

This past weekend I decided to look them up on YouTube since I’d never seen them perform live and WOW, I was very close to purchasing a ticket to New York. I honestly encourage everyone to listen to these guys, they’re very unique and it amazes me every time. You can find their album on Spotify!

Top Favorite Track: If I had to pick one song out of the whole album, I think it would definitely be Tell Me, but please don’t make me choose!

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