Music, Art and Culture Become One at This and That Lab

46800_415902068491403_1571116169_nIt’s pretty awesome knowing how music can be shared within different means. It’s one of the reasons why music is so great, because it can be shared numerous times without dying. Well not too long ago I learned about this incredible label known as “This and That Lab” and became interested in what they had to offer due to its uniqueness.

This and That Lab is not only about music, but also about art and culture. It’s a place where music lovers can get together with artists and culture enthusiasts to celebrate their passions.

Davide Squillace, DJ and Producer, is the one to blame for this awesome project. This and That Lab is one of the first organizations to combine music, art and 420081_10150569727017623_122877259_nculture to help individuals, such as artists develop future projects within music, design, fashion and even writing.

Davide Squillace himself has had incredible success doing what he loves, including starting this organization. His work has been featured in labels such as: Morris Audio, Ovum and Supernature, just to name a few. He’s also founded several labels that are still active today: Sketch, Minisketch, Vir, 500, Titbit and Hideout.

This and That Lab has its arms wide open to individuals who aim for originality. There’s always something for everyone and of course new tunes for those music junkies –like me– always looking for something new to listen to.