Joe Jonas’ New Band, DNCE, Performs at House of Blues Dallas

Many people associate Joe Jonas as being part of the kid pop-rock band, the Jonas Brothers. Others are also aware of his solo career after the Jonas Brothers decided to split up. Now, Joe forms part of this new American band, along with three other artists (Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle, and JinJoo Lee), and they call themselves DNCE. DNCE released “Cake By the Ocean” in September, placing them on number 79 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Since then, they’ve recently released their EP, and it is filled with more fun music.

Lead-singer, Joe Jonas, came back to Dallas to perform with his band members at the Cambridge Room at the House of Blues this past Sunday. Since it was my first time at the Cambridge Room, I was really excited to experience this small venue with a new band, and even more so because I knew Joe Jonas could be singing right in front of me (which he did). This made it easier for me to take some good shots. And yes, I was a Jonas Brothers fan growing up, but it’s nice to see the new creative styles that have grown out of their separation.

Powers, which is another band I highly recommend, opened the stage for DNCE on Sunday. I honestly had no idea who they were at first–until they started playing several songs I actually knew. It was a short and fun concert, where most of the venue was populated by teenage girls.

It was a very chill concert. Not much was happening besides Joe Jonas dancing the night away, and every girl (and the occasional guy) trying to take good pictures of him. I really enjoy DNCE’s songs, and I’m hoping they’ll make it big in the music industry. They are very different from any other band out there, and I’m sure that’s going to make them stand out. Many Jonas Brothers fans are sure to follow this new group.