Giraffage and Slow Magic in Dallas

So this past Wednesday was completely unexpected and also very fun. I had no idea that
Giraffage and Slow Magic were in town until that same day. I didn’t think twice about purchasing a ticket and had a blast (even though I was extremely tired). Best decision ever.

Trees was packed and everyone was enjoying their Wednesday night. The music, the people, IMG_1018the atmosphere was perfect. It’s honestly one of the best shows I’ve been to and the best part was that it was also one of the first shows of their new tour.

Slow Magic was epic. He had the crowd up and going when he brought his drums down with him and started playing in the middle of everyone. How cool is that? Everyone enjoys having a personal connection with the artist at concerts and that was exactly what happened that night.

Overall there’s no words to describe how awesome the show was. I don’t want to give up too much info, but if you get the chance to see them, it’s a must!