Claptone at It’ll Do Club in Dallas

The mysterious German DJ who hides behind a golden mask –but yet so attractive with his dance moves– played this past Saturday Oct. 10th at It’ll Do Club. Berlin native mostly known for his DJ name, Claptone, nailed his
set. As told before, Dallas residents know they’re always bound to have a good time at It’ll Do. This is where you’ll always find the best disc jockeys playing/giving a good show.

Excuses for not wanting to dance that Saturday night weren’t allowed. I honestly don’t understand how it’s possible for an individual to play as incredible as Claptone does with not only a mask on but gloves as well and yet he still manages to keep people on the dance floor. Props to that!

And as a side note: it was hard to take videos and pictures due to the club being intensely dark. Still, even though it bothered some individuals –including the DJ– I tried my best to snap some with my phone (oops sorry). Anyways, he obviously played some of people’s favorites: “No Eyes” and “Ghost”.  Not sure if he played “She Loves You” (too busy having fun) which is actually the first song I heard from him.

Overall it was a great set which equals to a great Saturday night. I still wish I could’ve met him, but this will definitely not be the last time I see him. Highly recommend it!