ACL is Just Around the Corner

98998_lgI know it’s only Wednesday, but we’re two days away from ACL Weekend One! I’m probably overly excited for this; it’s been awhile since I’ve attended the Austin City Limits Music Festival. I skipped last year’s, but once I saw the lineup for 2015, I knew I had to go.

The main reason I’m eager to go this year is because several of the artists that are playing have been on my to-see list for a long time. It was a no-brainer once the lineup was announced, so I bought my 3-day wristband right away.


Artists I’m most excited to see: Drake, Foo Fighters, Disclosure, Daughter, The Weeknd, Alt-J, Brandon Flowers, Years & Years, Classixx, and The Strokes (never seen any of them except for The Strokes –who are amazing live!).

To those first timers, I’ve compiled a small list of survival tips for ACL. It may or may not help you, but I know I’ve had to deal with these in the past, so I decided to share them anyways.

Things to know before attending ACL:

  1. If you’re not from Texas, be mentally and physically prepared for the Texas heat! It’s going to be really hot. Make smart choices and hydrate yourself during the festival. Especially if you plan on drinking cold beer and/or wine. Don’t forget to sip some water!
  2. Now that the festival has grown, you’ll be dealing with A LOT of people. Plan your schedule beforehand, and take it with you to the festival. This will make it easier to coordinate and see your favorite artists without facing many problems (if any).
  3. If you’re a tobacco smoker, make sure to buy a full pack of cigarettes and wait to open it once you’re inside the festival. A lot of people get their packs thrown away if they’re open for various security measures.
  4. Last–but not least–it’s always good to look at the information page on the ACL website. It’s a really good guideline of things that are and aren’t allowed at the festival. It sucks when you take your professional camera and find out they’re not allowed for non-press people. Yes, that was a lesson I quickly learned.