Travel Back to the 2000s with Willow Smith’s New Track, ‘Transparent Soul’

It’s been almost a year since I’ve shared something in the blog. It’s now 2021, a year in hopes of trying to go back to normal and continue to work on all the good stuff we left behind before 2020. This past year there’ve been a couple of things I’ve worked on that I’ll be sharing with you all in the next couple of months, but today it’s all about Willow Smith’s new track and performance video for “Transparent Soul”. 

Photo by Dana Trippe

Something I’ve recently noticed as I get closer to my 30s, is that I enjoy new genres of music I never thought I’d be listening to. However, that doesn’t mean I still don’t appreciate the music I grew up with, emo genres like punk rock or pop punk. I used to listen to Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Good Charlotte, and Blink 182 on a daily basis. So I was really excited to know that Travis Barker (Blink 182) plays the drums on Willow’s new song. Blink 182 was and still is one of my favorite bands.

This music seems to be a new era for Willow Smith — glad I’m not the only one exploring different things this year. Willow tributes the pop punk world we all used to live in back in the 2000s (at least for me). I think there’s still a lot of pop punk aficionados out there who will enjoy this track. The first time I listened to this song, it reminded me of the album Riot! (Paramore). This was before I even saw the performance video, which actually changed everything. 

The visuals in the music video are amazing! It definitely gives the song a different twist, portraying Willow’s style and personality while keeping the pop punk essence. The creative director did an incredible job with the visuals. I personally love Dana Trippe’s work. Transparent Soul will be the track I’ll be jamming to for the next few weeks. Love Willow, her uniqueness, and vibrant personality, together with Trippe’s visuals, all of which contribute to this incredible vibe.