Talking Style & New Music with J.D. King

I’ve always admired artists for different reasons, one of them being their unique sense of fashion. The vintage style has always been one of my favorites since there is always a story behind every piece. This is actually one of the things that I love about J.D. King; I’m mesmerized by his unique style and character. Besides that, he’s also incredibly talented when it comes to music and film. J.D. King has an old soul filled with colorful surprises. This you can see for yourself in his new single-film. I got the opportunity to ask J.D. King a couple of questions where he talked more about his new single, his style and his persona.

How is making your own music different from when you made music for The Olms? Is the process different? If so, how?

Yes, it’s different. First, the writing process in The Olms is often a tennis match of ideas bouncing to and fro. Second, Pete and I played every instrument off the cuff, usually the day we wrote it and got to our finished product just us two with multi-tracking.

For solo writing, it is a journey into the well spring of my inner dialogue and ideas. I then make a demo recording and present it to the band, rehearse it, then track it with an engineer to the tape machines live. Two very different approaches. Both very fun in different ways.

You recently released your new single-film, ‘Crimson Velvet Saddle Boots’, can you tell me about the story behind this song as well as the music video? What inspired you when working on this song (lyrics) and film (visuals)?

Crimson Velvet Saddle Boots

Is originally a dream I wrote down, then I conceived a sort of odd time signature melody and rhymed the words to fit. The film reflects on the oceanic element in its vast space while also depicting the microcosms within the odyssey-like universe.  The mermaid goddess is the life source element that views the traveling purveyor and sees through his eyes baring witness to his perceptions. The ancient genie, knower of the all, the giver of life and consequence. While the never ending space of true freedom and ever expanding dream of expression are leaked through the cracks into our innocent perceiver wandering the mystic beach of time.

Working with the talented people on the film was inspiring in itself. Each one a celebrated visual artist, painter, designer, cinematographer. Each one a star in their own right. With that amount of raw talent great things happen. I’m just glad I was able to provide a conducive environment for them to create.


You have a very unique vintage style. What are your go-tos and favorite trends? Where do you find your wardrobe?

I never adopted any go-tos. I’m always inventing. I’m new every second and I can’t follow/repeat or it feels stale. My wardrobe is always custom for the most part, usually made by South Paradiso, Glen Palmer (from Granny Takes A Trip), Baron Hats, etc. If it doesn’t reflect my perception of my persona I feel aesthetically unsatisfied.

What are some musicians and artists you look up to? What do you listen to when you’re not working on your own music?

Paul McCartney, Sly Stone, Joe Pass, Tony Rice, Eddie Lang, Harry Clarke, Aubrey Beardsley, Robert Crumb, Vincent VanGogh, Toulouse Lautrec.

I’ll listen to anything from rare 78’s from the 20’s early electric era to technically flashy mid- 70’s studio singer/songwriter productions. Within that very broad spectrum generally lies the better craftsmanship in music.

Anything else you’d like to share? Upcoming projects? New music?

Yes, I’ve just received word that my album, “Moon Gardens”, will now be released in the early new year instead of this fall due to a scheduling re-evaluation. So look for it then.  I will have 2 single/videos prior to that too. Follow my instagram, @mrjdking, for the updates as I don’t have a mailing list. Thanks. Have a nice day.