Have You Listened to Miley Cyrus’ Latest Single?

It has been a while since we’d heard new music from Miley, so I’m excited we now have a sneak peek to her upcoming album with her latest single, “Malibu”. Not only do we get to listen to her new song, but we also get to see her music video!

I’ve always loved Miley, mainly because she sometimes reminds me of myself (we have the same birthdays, which makes us both Sagittarius among other things). We’ve all seen her at different stages of her life, which has also changed her musical career. And even though all of that has happened, Miley has always been true to herself when it comes to who she is and her beliefs. That’s one of the reasons I’ve always admired her, because even though she’s had to deal with difficult situations she’s always been strong. 

Her new song, “Malibu”, is welcoming everyone to her new and happy stage of her life. The song is basically telling everyone about her relationship and how she’s enjoying being in one again. I can’t wait to listen to her album whenever it comes out.