Sage Armstrong – Secret DIRTYBIRD Artist for AudiophileXXL Show

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So, I was more than excited to attend the Audiophile XXL event last week mainly because I had no idea who the secret artist would be. All people knew was that he would be from DIRTYBIRD and it’s assumed it most probably would be a good show (plus, it was free!). Still, I was some how disappointed; I guess Armstrong wasn’t for me?

I’m usually really pumped when it involves DIRTYBIRD, but there was something about Armstrong’s music that night that didn’t quite fascinate me. I’ve done a little stalking ever since and he’s actually not bad. Take a listen to this:

Pretty good, huh? Maybe it was just a bad first impression… but I’m still not completely in love with his music. I’ll have to keep listening to more and see what happens then.

While I wasn’t exactly enjoying myself it seemed as if the crowd was and that’s what matters. It was an exciting night for a lot of people and well, who doesn’t enjoy a free show?  The event was at Punk Society in Deep Ellum (pretty cool place). I loved the decor it had… a very punk grungy look. Not sure when i’ll be back, hopefully another cool show will take place there soon.

Here’s one of Sage Armstrong’s most recent mixes: