Amy Winehouse Documentary: A Funny, Emotional and Incredible Film

As many already know, Amy Winehouse’s documentary, Amy, was released a tumblr_nlenar37UU1qcv6efo1_1280few weeks ago in the U.S. And, as a side note for those who don’t know me, one of my hobbies includes watching musicians/artists’ documentaries. I’ve always enjoyed watching movies related to the music industry. It’s only one of the ways I get inspired to learn more about the inner workings of the industry, and my interests range anywhere from Grease to Kurt Cobain’s documentary —Montage of Heck.

Of course, as soon as I got the opportunity to go see “Amy,” I did. And I loved it. I laughed, I jammed to her music, and I cried. Indeed, it’s one of those films that makes you feel a whirlpool of emotions, mostly because of its transparency and the way it described so much about Amy’s life and journey as an artist. I learned various interesting things for the first time, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the film.

tumblr_noo5n9XUpT1r3ptbfo1_540Main reason I loved the movie and why I would recommend it to everyone: the way it changed the way I saw Amy. I don’t only see her as the incredible and unique artist that she was, but I also now see her as a human being, as someone as true and real as any other human being. It’s easy to see artists and musicians
tumblr_nr3djlVQar1sjnjeco1_1280as idols, but it’s sometimes hard to see them as normal people because they live completely different lives from us. It is hard for us, as an audience, to divorce the famous figure from the human being, and that is what this film accomplished in so many different ways. There are scenes in the movie that genuinely reflect how she felt towards her idols, lovers, and some moments where she enjoyed being her goofy self.

I don’t want to be that person that spoils the movie for everyone, but I do have to say this: GO WATCH THE MOVIE! Even if you were never a big fan of Amy Winehouse, it’s a movie I think everyone would enjoy. It was definitely refreshing to see different types of people when I walked to the movie theater. I never expected to see older generations at this film, which I thought was very cool. Knowing that this film is capable of attracting generations of music lovers inspires me to believe in the power of music, and most importantly, its timelessness.

Amy is a funny, emotional, and incredible film. It’s the type of film you may not expect much from as soon as you find yourself sitting down, but it is one that youtumblr_nqq0i9MsGH1s3y9slo1_r1_500 (1) will surely cherish in the end. Highly recommended this film to family, friends, and fellow music lovers, as it is one that is likely to enhance your life perspective.

AMY Trailer: