Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira is my main obsession. I love her unique style and voice. Everyone that knows me well enough knows that I am completely in love with both her fashion and her music. One of my favorite songs is “Everything is Embarrassing,” which came out last year. Her new album, however, is coming out this month, which makes me excited!

Sky Ferreira is a singer, a model, and an actress. She’s been in several magazine ads, which is partly the reason why a lot of people don’t know she’s also a singer. Her unique, deep voice adds on to all of the other things I like about her. I first developed an interest in her because of her style. I have always had a thing for that rock and roll 80’s look. I’m in love with both denim and leather jackets, as well as the color black and boots. I noticed she would always wear things that match my same taste, and that pushed me to want to know more about her.

As I learned more, I ended up loving her music. I didn’t expect her to have such a beautiful voice. Ever since then, I have always enjoyed looking at different magazine ads she’s been featured in and listening to her music. If you’re interested, she’s coming to Dallas on October 10th with Vampire Weekend, an American rock band. I haven’t purchased my tickets, but I will definitely get them soon!