My Top 4 Favorite Songs from BØRNS New Album

I’m sure I’m not the only one who needs music to get through the week, especially while at work. Last week as I was getting ready to start my work day, I opened my Spotify and got very excited to see that Børns had released his second album, Blue Madonna. I was intrigued just by the album name and decided to start off my morning with some new music. So here are my top 4 favorite tracks:

#1: “God Save Our Young Love” with Lana Del Rey was interesting to see; I had no idea they had a song together and honestly the first thing that came to mind was this is going to be good. Both of them have angelic and smooth vocals, so I was pretty sure it would be great. Similar to Børns’ past songs, you find “God Save Our Young Love” to have a very smooth melody. Even when you hear the drums in the background, it’s never hardcore drums playing, it’s very pleasing to the ears.

#2: I think “Faded Heart” has an old school vibe in some way. It kind of reminds me of the 50s or something the Jersey Boys would sing (this is a compliment – I love the Jersey Boys!). This might be one of my top favorites from this list.

#3: ‘”We Don’t Care” has a different rhythm than what we’ve heard from Børns in the past. It has a faster beat than the rest of the songs on the album while keeping his style. Plus, love the electric guitar solo as the song comes to an end.

#4: I saved the best for last, “I Don’t Want You Back” is my #1 song from this album. I really love this song’s lyrics because it reminds me of a lot of past experiences. I also think it’s one of the songs that sounds much more like the first album, which I love.

Listen to the album here!