Get To Know RnBass’ Cali Girl, BIANCA

Born and raised in Los Angeles and inspired by her adventurous lifestyle, Bianca has always been influenced and surrounded by the music world. While trying to figure out what she wanted when growing up, she escaped life problems by partying, exploring, hanging out with friends, that then led her to writing songs. “Music has always been a part of me, my dad bought me my first guitar at the age of 8. I would write songs in my diary and I would spend hours trying to find different chords I liked for the songs I wrote,” says Bianca. She also got help from her dad’s best friend who would teach her how to structure her songs and would then spend hours jamming out to them.”I didn’t take my songwriting seriously until I was in college. I took a songwriting course and I found myself spending more time on my songwriting assignment than spending my time remembering my lines for class the next day. At that point I knew what my passion was and wanted to learn more.”

As any other musician, Bianca has a couple of artists she looks up to and that inspire her to keep doing what she loves the most. “Some of my music influences, I would have to say Alanis Morissette, Missy Elliott, Ciara, Toni Braxton, Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Celine Dion, Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, etc. Those are the artists I would study as far as vocal performances and sense of energy. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of hip hop when I’m hyped, but I try to keep myself musically diverse. There are times where i’d just want to hear classical music just because I want to educate myself on different melodies and patterns.”

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Even though she loves listening to all types of music genres, she’s discovered her own which is a modernized form of traditional R&B music known as RnBass. ”My music has kinda been labeled like that on its own. That’s when I met with the people at RnBass media who broke it down for me, and confirmed that’s what they would call my style, I thought it was pretty cool. Speaking of which, J at RnBass have been super supportive with independent artists and their movement is spot on. We sent them my music with the risk of them not liking it but we received good feedback. I’m grateful to have their support in these beginning stages of my career. They have definitely gave me a good platform. Thank you RnBass!”

Being that Bianca grew up and still lives in the city of music, there’s always opportunities to do live performances for the LA crowd. “My recent performance I did was OHM Nightclub in Hollywood. I like to test my music with the crowd before cutting final vocals. It shows me which areas I need to work on. I also performed at some low key spots in LA at Los Globos and House of Gods. I do plan on performing again once my project Cool Kids Travel is finished.”

Collaborating and working with other artists is something Bianca also enjoys. She recently came out in NGHTMRE x GHASTLY’s music video,’End of the Night’, which was released a couple of months ago. “I had so much fun shooting with NGHTMRE and GHASTLY! They definitely know how to party! Funny story, in one of the scenes that I did, I was in the bathroom and I had to pretend I was throwing up! The director gave me this chicken creamy soup (mind you I don’t eat any meat) and I had to pretend to puke, it was so nasty! I was grossed out for sure! That scene was successful though. I had a great time on set, everyone was Awwww! Some! I work with different artists that I believe in and in different genres. I want to travel the world and spread my love for music. Every artists have their own uniqueness and being part of that just makes it more rewarding”.

Bianca continues working on her music and has a lot of plans she’s looking forward to. She’s currently finishing up one of her projects, Cook Kids Travel, and then she’ll continue pursuing her dreams. “ I’m excited to show my work and what I’ve been working on. I’d also like to thank everyone who has been so supportive in my adventure”.

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