Unscene Records Release: CHKLTE’s New EP

If you live in Austin and enjoy your daily dose of underground electronic music then you should be familiar with Crowded Floor as well as CHKLTE’s music. Crowded Floor was created by Jonathan Lopez A.K.A. CH12236816_10153320804440458_772610280_o.jpgKLTE (chocolate) to expose local and up-and-coming artists around that music scene. They’re greatly known for their amazing parties and everything that comes along with it.

Unscene Records recently released its 24th release with CHKLTE’s new EP “La Llorona” featuring four unique tracks. Not only have they’ve been successful throughout Austin, but have also been shared by different artists, such as: Diego Santana, Prince Linares, and Coriesu (just to name a few).


If your selection of music relies on deep techy vibes then you shouldn’t think twice about listening to “La Llorana” EP. You can find CHKLTE at any of Crowded Floor’s events around the city of Austin and soon San Antonio. They’re starting a summer series of parties in these two cities.

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