Interview: DJ Till Von Sein

Born in Berlin, DJ Till von Sein took some time off his busy schedule to answer some questions for ChabeChrod Music Blog. Von Sein has had a lot of success djing around the world and I got some sneak peeks of what he has planned for 2015.

Von Sein started making music at a young age, and after he learned what djing was all about he knew he wanted to do it. “I always liked the idea of djing ever since I first saw it in my early teens, but never really had the money to buy a proper set up,” he says. “…when I had my first job that was the first thing I did; that was around 1998 or so.”

Since then, Von Sein has continued his journey as a DJ and he has a lot planned for this year, which involves his second album. “I just finished it and it’s coming out on SUOL –an independent Berlin based record label– 10993405_10152560967427676_844659307223381011_nin May. So that’s my main focus right now… this also includes a heavy touring schedule taking me all around the world,” he says. Von Sein started the year off by playing in South Africa, China, Mexico, U.S., Spain and many others. “I have a four week tour in the U.S. and Central America before my album tour kicks off in Europe,” he reveals.

So, aside from having amazing djing skills, Von Sein is also part of Clique Bookings. The agency started in Paris and is now based in Berlin working with artists all over Europe, such as: Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Lebanon, Belgium, and the UK. “Clique is an agency one of my best friends started 10 years ago. I joined it seven years ago and I’m30262_397546882675_5488298_n still stoked on how far we made it; I love my job,” Von Sein says. “I can’t really tell what I like more, I mean djing is still maybe the best for me, but I always need that balance in my life between working with music and still having that office life.”

I also got to talk to Von Sein about his music interests. “I listen to a lot of rap and soul/R&B music. Right now I listen to the selection radio show every week and a lot of LA Funk music like Dam Funk, Brian Ellis, etc.,” he says. “And of course always some D’Angelo, Sade, Marvin and well, the list is endless.”