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Phantogram, an American electronic rock duo from New York, has taken over my life. To be honest with you I had never heard of this band before. Not too long ago a friend introduced me to some of their songs because he thought I might like it and boy was he right!

This band has officially made it to my relaxing/study music list. I am a really big fan of rock indie music and I believe Phantogram has that deep dark side together with a soothing one, which makes it’s music unique.

Sarah Barthel, who is the female vocalist, brings her sweet soothing voice to their songs, however she portrays the opposite by dancing with the music as she plays the keyboard. As for Josh Carter, the male vocalist, he is always more relaxed when playing the guitar.

Basically they both bring their own thing, which makes this band be so powerful. I was recently watching some of their videos and I saw an interview where Carter actually explains the name of their band.

Phantogram is known to be a free-standing anaglyphs, levitated images, that are formed by optical illusions. In real terms, phantogram is basically the reason why 3D images exist. I thought it was pretty clever of them make this word their band name. Two people coming together and joining their distinct talents to form the amazing visual/band/sound they are.

Phantogram is performing tonight at Trees, which is located in Deep Ellum here in Dallas. I really wish I could go, but I had already made plans with some other friends. Hopefully they will come again!

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